Monday, July 8, 2013

April 29 2013 Letter

Yesterday we had two baptisms. They were the first two baptisms in Reñaca in years and years and years. There are literally only two members in the whole town and one inactive member. It is madness that we almost doubled that in one day. There is a lot of work to do.

Lautoro is the taller boy in the pictures. He is 15 and lives in an environment that is not good. His sister smokes weed and deals it from the house. We have been there are more than one occasion when people have come and purchased weed with all their secret calls and whistles and words and stuff. I think they think they are being sneaky but everyone knows what is going on. It still isnt good though. Lautoro´s mother abandoned him and his family when he was a baby so he lives with his sister and his father and his two nephews-cousins. I called them that because his uncle is the father of his sister´s children but the sister and the uncle have no blood relation. It is his father´s brother and his sister has a different Dad. Anyway, that is how it is. Is Dad is practically always drunk but that also makes him always welcoming to us. He and his two little nephews (one is 3 years and the other is 8 months) are caught in the middle of all this maddness. He wants to be a professional soccer player so he doesnt do anything to harm his body. He was already living the word of wisdom and the law of chastity before we found him because is so serious about playing professionally that he doesnt want to ruin his chances with girls or anything like that lol. He was very prepared to here the gospel. He is very special to me. We found him on my first day. It was an amazing experience to see the complete process and change in someone from the before to the during and then his baptism yesterday. It was a definite blessing. None of his family are in the picture because noone came to support. Not a single one of his friends or his family or anything. 

The family that is in the picture is the Fredes family. Diego (the other boy who was baptized) is a member of their family and they are trying very hard to make Laurtoro part of they family. They live about two blocks from him so it works out pretty well. Diego is ten. He is Manuel Frede´s girlfriend´s son. Manuel is marrying his mother and they wanted to be taught the gospel since the rest of the family is mormon. They accepted it with open arms and Diego´s mom (the one with the baby) will be baptized too as soon as she marries Manuel. The missionaries found them the week before I got here. What a blessing to be a part of this family´s story. They are incredible and have made the missionaries a part of their family as well. They all love to sing but cant carry a tune. FHE´s with them are a blast. 

I dont really have time right now to right more but know that I love you all!! Your letters and thoughts are a huge strength to me. It is amazing to know that I have so many people at home supporting me. I really am here representing all of you. I am here in your name. It is the Zimmerman name that I wear on my name tag. Not Katie. I am here for you. 

Hermana Zimmerman 

PS. Our apartment is infested with fleas. If anyone has any tricks for preventing bites or ridding the house of them I would greatly appreciate it. I have 48 bites on my right arm alone. It is getting a tad bit annoying. I love you all!!!! 

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