Monday, July 8, 2013

June 18 2013 Letter

from Megan: We didn't hear from Katie on the normal Monday, causing some concern, but here is the explanation!

Querida familia!!
My hands are frozen right now and it hurts a little bit to type because they are so cold. People lie. It is not warm and sunny here all the time. It is freezing and cold and there are days when we dont see the sun. Yesterday it got down to 0 degrees celcius (i think that is 32 farenheit). It was so cold!!!! but we have two heaters in our aparment so we are super toasty at night. It is awesome.

I got a surprise this week!! Birthday cards!! thank you thank you thank you!!!! They were all so sweet and cute. I loved it!! It was a great little bit of home to recieve. Thank you are all the well wishes and the prayers and support that I know you are all giving to me and my family as well. I love you all!!!

I am writing today (tuesday) because we had a zone conference yesterday and have our Pday today. The conference was amazing!! It is so good to all get together and find strength in one another and our efforts. We talked more about faith and miracles and courage. After the conference, we went out to work. We had so much excitement we could hardly stand it!! within half an hour, we had placed a baptismal date with a new investigator. And the rest of the day was just as awesome!!! at the end of the day, we didnt want to go home because we were having so much fun!! it was awesome!! I am already part of the council. We started doing that three months ago. As a leader, I am learning more from them than they are from me. The Lord truely calls those who need the most work to the callings in which they can learn.

I need you help with an investigator. Her name is Priscila. She is living with a member who is less active. She has a daughter and he has a son and three weeks ago she gave birth to their first son together. She has been take the lessons since 2011. The first time she took the lessons was with an Elder Roylance from Oregon (no idea if we are related). She knew in the first lesson that the church was true and that she needed to be baptized. The problem was that Rodrigo (her casi-husband) was married to someone else. This is a huge problem in Chile because divorces are long and expensive. It took two years to get the divorce. They got it last month. But now, they arent doing anything!! They have been waiting so long for the divorce that they hve just become accustomed to living together and now dont see why that have to have a peice of paper to make what they are already living official. She still knows the church is true. She bears her testimony everytime we visit. but she doesnt understand why she has to be married in order to be baptized. I have tried everything I can think of to try and explain it to her and I am out of ideas. I have taught all the doctrine I know of. We even set a goal with them to enter the temple together as a family and the last time we were there she prayed that they might be able to accomplish their goal. But, they still arent acting. By that I mean reading, praying when we arent their, building their faith and testimmonies, or attending church. I dont know what to do. HELP!!!
 I love you all!!!
Hermana Zimmerman

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