Monday, July 8, 2013

May 27 2013 Letter

Hi all!! So here is what happened this week. One, I cant think in English anymore so there are going to be a lot of errors in this letter and I dont care. two. I am not in Reñaca. Three, I am not with Hermana Periera. Four, I am a Sister "zone leader". Five, THE LORD KNOWS SOMETHING I DONT!!!
So I was in the shower on wednesday morning minding my own business and all that when Hermana Periera starts pounding on the door and says that the phone is for me. She was in the other room packing her bags because we had made the mistake of assuming what the Lord wanted of us. she was alomost done. All her things were packed when the phone call came. She open the door of the bathroom, I turned off the water, she handed me the phone and one of the assistants asked me to train a newbie straight from the MTC. This was just a comfirmation and not surprizing at all. I accepted, handed the phone back, turned the water back on, and Hermana Periera returned to packing her bags. Two seconds later she was back in the bathroom and I was back on the phone with the other assistant offering his congratulations on my assignment. I said thank you and went back to my shower. I was in the midst of washing my hair and thinking about my new comp when hna periera again pounded on the door and told me to turn the water off because the zone leaders wanted to talk to us both together. I did, and they told us that she would be staying in Reñaca and training again and that I would be opening a new sector with my newbie and needed to be at the stake center with all my things in three hours. I went back to my shower and began to cry. I finished my shower, still crying, threw everything in to my suitcases while Hna, Periera unpacked and then we got empanadas to feel better. We called the family fredes and old them waht was about to happen. Brother fredes came and got us and all my stuff and took us to their house where they fed us, gave me a present, all cried together, and told me that evrything would be alright. I was scared out of my mind. Brother Fredes gave me a blessing of comfort and strenght and told me in the blessing that I needed to use music to teach the people in my new area (which I still did not know the name of or location). They hugged me one last time and then drove us to the stake center. The minute we were at the stake center. I knew everything was going to be alright. I just got a feel. I knew the Lord was with me and that all would be okay.

 A few hours later, we met our new companions!! Her name is Hermana Martínez and she is from Spain!!! so...she looks like a gringa but speaks literally perfect spanish. She is almost as tall as I am and super beautiful. She is 19 and was in the CCM in Chile for 12 days before arriving in the mission field. She was even more scared than I was. Late that night, we got to our new area Achupillas, Mirador B. It is on the other side of the hill from Reñaca and I can see my old area when we are in the hills. It is super tiny. It takes about 10 minutes to walk all of it. That night we made lists of all the MA and FI in the ward and the next day we went out for about three hours with the young womens leader and met a bunch of people in the ward. We are getting used to this place. The ward is awesome and suuuuper young! Tons of kids and young couples. Its pretty cool. We are recieving a tons of references too because there are a lot of single mothers here and the elders couldnt teach them because they cant be along with someone of the opposite sex (same with us). So the work is progressing. There is also a set of Elders in the ward and they are our zone leaders, we were talking to them the other day and they asked me if I had recieved my call from the Mission President yet. I said no and they looked very scared. They werent supposed to say anything. I knew then what was going to happen. The horrible thing is, that he still hasnt called to tell me that I am going to be a sister leader!! Everyone else knows but he still hasnt called ME!!! this morning, I called one of the assistants to talk about the key indicators when he realized it was me, he turned to the president who was in the back ground and asked if all the leaders had been called yet. President saud " no. she doesnt know. I still need to talk to her." I think they thought I couldnt hear but he still didnt say anything to me!! So offically, it hasnt happened yet. Six weeks in the mission and this is what is happening. Man am I in for an adventure!!!!! Here we go!!!  I know God is with me and that this is his work. I am excited to do what he needs me to do. 
I love you all very very much!! please pray for me!!!
Hermana Superman  

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