Monday, July 8, 2013

Hermana Z's lame sister tries to make up time

Hey y'all, this is Megan, Katie's sister. I have been out of internet contact, which is reason #1 why I haven't updated. Reason #2 is that I am just plain lame. There, that's out there. So here we go with a series of posts in updating...

First off, Katie is doing well! She is now a Sister "Zone Leader." I am not sure how many companions she has had, I get all confused. But she is totally loving it! She thinks in Spanish now, so deciphering her letters can be fun.
Right to Left: Hna Martinez (Katie's new companion) from Spain, Katie, Hna Pereira (first companion) and her new companion (Don't know the name!)

 The view from her apartment in Renaca

 Hma Pereira (first companion)

 Not quite sure where this is, but it's beautiful!

 The burgers... Huge, and slathered in Guac.

 The Hermana's (Katie towers over everyone!)

The first baptism in Renaca in many years!

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