Monday, July 8, 2013

June 24 2013 Letter

Hey all!! Winter started this week so I decided that it wouldnt be weird if I listened to Christmas music. I cant even imagine listening to Christmas music in the middle of Summer but I am going to have to do it so there ya go. 

Time is flying so quickly. The next cambio(transfer) is July 3. I cant believe it is that time again already. Im not sure what will happen this time but we will see. 

This is literally the hardest thing I have ever done. It is so hard to go day to day and to watch door aftr door close in your face. The other day, an evangelical woman came out of her house and began to yell at us about how wrong we are and how we were going to be comdemned and the book of mormon was of the devil. I asked her if she had ever read it. She said yes and then continued to rail on it. Nothing she said was true. People believe the strangest things about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and none of it is true. That is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome, false beliefs. When people think that they know our religion better than we do and think they can convince us of something that they know nothing about, something that we are certified but Prophet of God to preach to them. We continued to try and reason with the woman but seeing that nothing we could say would change her mind (she was telling us how we worship the prophets of the old testament as well as Joseph Smith.that´s a new one) I looked at her and said. ¨Maam, we respect your beliefs. Here is our phone number, when you respect ours call us and we can talk again. Have  wonderful day." and turned to walk away, she yelled after us " God is with you!! Bless your efforts!!!" weirdest thing ever. Sometimes I think people just want to yell at someone so they pick the two gringas walking down the street in skirts. Oh well. 

The other day, we were walking past a park. I noticed a man sitting on a bench and had the impression to talk to him but didnt follow it. We passed him and continued on to look for a less active member that we didnt know. After we realised that she wasnt at home, I again had the impression to return and talk to the man. I approached him and extended my hand and said ¨"Hello Brother, how are you?" "Bad" he replied. He had tears in his eyes as he explained to us that he had been sitting in the park for three hours trying to decide what to do with his life. He had come on hard times and didnt know what to do with his. Life, he didnt have a job or a future. He had a baby daughter but was in the middle of a custidy battle for her and without a job didnt have a prayer of getting her. He was super depressed. He had no light in his eyes and was stooped over crying. I looked him right in the eyes, which made him sit up straighter (when people realize you take them seriously it gives them selfesteeem) and told him that there was a way to better his life. We talked for about an 45 minutes about what he could do to better his life, the employment center of the church that he could visit, and how spiritual progression and the atonement were the reason for this life. At the end of the conversation, his eyes were dry. He stood up with determination, with his head held high, and with a book of mormon in his hand, headed off to look for a job. The change in his countance was amazing. The literal change of light in his face was amazing. It felt so good to accomplish our purpose, to bring the light of Christ into the life of someone who really needed it. I was reminded that always in the scriptures, missionaries are refered to as the instruments and never the music in the hands of the Lord. That´s is what I am here to be. The instrument and never the music. It´s moments like that the make all the yelling little of lady´s worth it. 

I know the Lord is with me. I know his hand is in his work and thus I know that it will guide me. He wouldnt leave a work as important as the salvation of souls to someone as weak and incapable as me. This is his work and his glory. He is here with me. I can feel it. His sacrifice makes it all possible. One day, we will return to live with him again. I pray that I might be able to bring a few souls with me back into his presence. Thank you for your love and prayers on my behalf and for my companion and all the people we are working with. I see the fruits of those miracles everyday because I see miracles everyday. I love you all very much!!! 

Hermana Zimmerman

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