Monday, July 8, 2013

May 6 2013 letter

This week was super hard for my companion. A lot happened with our investigators. A lot of families are broken or in the process of breaking and it hurts a lot to see it. One family has been together for more than 20 years and finally got married about 7 months ago so that they could be baptised. A few weeks ago, they started their temple prep. Now, as of a few days ago, the husband has decided that he doesnt want to be with his wife for eternity so he took off his ring and wants a seperation. We are also teaching a lot of other families that are seperating, seperated, or have just decided to only live together and have children and raise them together but dont want to be in love or married. It is so weird. We have heard a lot of stories this week and seen a lot of pain. I also got attached by a drunk guy and the German, the father of Lautoro the boy who was baptised last week, had to tackle the guy and literally hold him back while we ran away. Last night, there where also all the evangelicals in the street yelling and preaching amens and such at all the houses. It was all super dramatic and all that stuff. 

My comp is having a hard time. Her mission is up in 3 months and she is having a hard time focusing. Last night, we just sat down in our study area and had a super long talk. There is a scripture in Ether 12 that says that those who have faith in Christ can have hope for a better world. We decided that is what we need to do. He need to bring hope to the world. We are here to change the bad that we see, not feel sorry for it. We are here to heal the broken families and to heal the hurt. We are here as representives as christ and as christ did, our hearts hurt when we see the pain and the sufferings but it also rejoices when we see change and feel the light of christ come into a home. Yes we might be rejected 42 times in about three hours (yep I counted) and yes there is hurt and saddness here, but it will be better. It will. We are here to make that change happen so that is what we will do. If we dont have hope in the world or for the future, who will? Time to rise and shine!!! 

from Megan: In talking to Katie for mother's day, she explained more on the "attack." A drunk grabbed her arm and wouldn't let go, leaning in close. Don't worry, she's fine! and PS, I am not correcting her would take forever!! :)

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