Monday, July 8, 2013

July 1 2013 Letter

From Megan: Phew! We are finally caught up to the latest and greatest from our missionary!! I am waiting on her letter from today...

I entiled this email "in a flash" for two reasons. One I completed four months in the mission field this week. How crazy is that! also i will be writing this in email in a flash because my time is running short. this week has been a week of miracles. I dont know for sure that I saved Marco (thats his name) from committng suicide. I dont know if he was that close but I know we made a difference. the miracle is that we found him again!!! we were knocking doors and a family invited us in. We were sitting around the table talking and discussing the bible when the door to one of the roos opened and out walked Marco!! he had found  job the very same day that we had talked to him and is now staying in his fathers house which just so happens to be in our sector! his family are jehovah's witnesses but he doesnt agree with their beliefs. We will see where this goes but I dont believe in coincidences.

Also this week, we began to teach a boy named David. he is 16 and a friend of a member. We taught him the first lesson on friday and gave him a book of mormon and invited him to be baptized. He accepted!! Sunday, when we got to church, he was sitting outside the chapel waiting for us! He had arrived early to make sure that he kept his commitment to attend. In the period from friday to sunday, he had read Alma 32 and begun to read the BoM from the beginning and is now on page 30-something!!! How crazy is that!!!! He has all the right desires to learn more and find out for himself and more importantly than that, he is acting!! that is the hardest part but when the desires are right, the acting is easy.

I love you all very very very much!! The transfer ends this week and I will be getting a new companion. I know that because we had a problem with one of the young men in the ward and she has to leave. We will see what the Lord has in store!!

I promise that the next letter will be longer. I had some leaderish things I had to do this week.
¡¡¡Estoy enviando mucho cariƱo a cada uno de ustedes!! y muchos muchos abrasos!*
Hermana Zimmerman

*Spanish translation (provided by Mom/Coral): "I am sending lots of love to each one of you!!  And lots and lots of hugs!"

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