Monday, July 8, 2013

May 20 2013 Letter

This week has been a rollercoaster. We found a lot of good people in Reñaca but I am scared to death because I feel as if their salvation is in my hands because I won´t have my companion after wednesday. I dont know what to do with myself. I dont know I am ready to train. I think I could do it in English but Spanish is a whole other story. I feel like Nephi. I feel as though I am standing before an Ocean I know nothing about and the Lord has told me to build a ship (also something I know nothing about because I have never before seen an ocean) and to sail across it will all my families lives in my hands. That´s what this feels like. But, also like Nephi, I know that the Lord will never command me to do something without providing a way for me to do it. So, I will go and do. I am so glad that the Lord knows more than I do. 

My companion and I are super super sad that we wont be together after this week. We still dont know for sure what is going to happen but we are both pretty positive that we wont be together. If by some crazy something we are, we will both be very happy. Either way we will be happy but I will be very happy to have her help. She is the best and I will miss her a lot. 

This week, we taught an older couple named Mario and Elizabeth. Mario is an alcoholic and has been for years. His kids have begged and pleaded with him to stop but he hasnt done it. He likes to drink too much. It is a medicine for him. He has a lot of pain, both spiritually and physically and the alcohol numbs it enough to that he can function but it has gotten to the point that it is tearing his family apart. In their first lesson, we were impressed to teach about the atonement and the power of Christ to turn out weaknesses into strengths. He has not had a drink since that day. In the next lesson, we taught the word of wisdom and he and Elizabeth both commited to live it. He has held true to that commitment. That experience has been amazing for me. When we talk to him now his eyes are clear and he can think straight and speak well. He is happier and has such a bigger light in his eyes. He is amazing and I feel so blessed to witness that change in him first hand. 

In other news, the office hasnt paid our electricity bill for two or three months now so they cut our power this morning. It´s kind of the worst thing ever but thats okay. We will survive until it comes back on. It has started to get really cold at night and now without our heater we will be bundled up like burritos but oh well. Thus is life. We get to take cold showers and eat none perishable food until the bill get paids. Its kind of like camping indoors except we cant build a fire and dont have any flashlights. Its an adventure!!!!!!!!

Hermana Zimmerman

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